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P&T from abroad: Rethinking Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront Transit

Source: "brooklyn+queens" taken on 22 November 2013 by Lana Lee via Flickr ( All rights reserved.
Source: “brooklyn+queens” taken on 22 November 2013 by Lana Lee. All rights reserved. Accessed via Flickr (

James BRASUELL’s post “Transit Planning for the Future of the Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront” published on Planetizen sheds a light on a very interesting contribution from John PETRO that was published on Streetsblog New York City.

 Through “Sooner or Later, the Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront Needs Better Transit”, PETRO analyses the opportunity of setting new transit options to accommodate the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront transformation. This ongoing process is related to the tremendous dynamism of real estate activity and the renewed attractiveness of the area that goes beyond the city level.  Taking into account the economic development of the area as well as demographic trends, John PETRO insists on projects allowing people to travel along the waterfront as well as to go inland easily. He explores proposals regarding bus services, ferries and bicycle infrastructure on top of the traditional subway connection.

This contribution confirms the importance to consider waterfronts as part of the whole city development as they largely impact not only the city’s skyline but its general attractiveness as well.